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  • Advermark Clients
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  • Advermark Clients
Welcome to Advermark Online
Advermark was founded in 2003 and formalized in 2011. When we began, we were an advertising placement company with an intent to grow bigger and our vision still remains. We have transformed from being a placement company to being a platform that hosts; innovating print media and following the world trend “Let’s go green”

Product Overview

In-store Digital Billboard

Advertise instore with our In-store Digital Billboards

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Bulk SMS Service

Send as many SMS as you want at one go.

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Proximity Marketing

A bluetooth based service, that sends out electronic flyers to mobile phone users within the proximity of our server

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Outdoor Digital Billboards

Make your presence felt with our Outdoor Digital Billboards.

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Personalised Cyberspace

Get your personalised cyberspace (website) today.

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In-store Music & Commercials

Communicate directly with your market through our instore music and commercials.

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Weekly Sports Arena

Catch all the action in our Weekly Sports Arena.

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